Kizlyar Fazan


"Fazan" is the Russian name for pheasant. The Fazan is a traditionally designed light weight utility type knife that is great for almost any task. It is an excellent knife for meat preparation as it has a deeply curved belly and long cutting edge that is great for carving and cutting. The tip of the blade is slightly heavier, which is great for light chopping work. Although the Fazan is a lighter bladed knife, do not let this aspect of the design fool you into doubting the overall functionality of the knife. With its thin, well honed edge it slices like a straight-razor. Overall the blades length and shape make this a very versatile knife which allows the user to take on most hunting and game processing tasks. The 2.5mm thick z50 steel blade is mirror polished and hollow ground to a very fine edge.

As on most beautiful Kizlyar knives, the blade is deep etched on either side. Also, along with this knife, comes a high quality black, embossed leather sheath.

Total length: 265mm
Blade length: 140mm
Handle: Caucasian walnut
Sheath: Genuine leather sheath

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